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New Obsession!

The Musketeers....

... Seriously...

Favorite one? Athos! I'm always down for a dark, brooding, angsty, tortured soul!


TV Shows... I miss them so!

I was at the barn today and my mind tends to wander when i'm picking stalls. I do my best thinking during those times.


anyways i started thinking about TV shows that aren't on TV anymore that i miss. There have been some that i have watched faithfully but got over their absence quickly... and then there are some that i miss every single week.

Heres a few of the important ones...Collapse )


I hope no one minds me using my LJ as an actual Journal. Ha! I was going to right this down in a notebook somewhere but i suppose its easier to type and... my handwriting sucks.

Yesterday was my first day on Isagenix. Its a cleaning diet thats all natural. My sister-in-law was on it... a bunch of her friends... people i work with ect. and they've all had progress on it. I figured i'd give it a try after my doctor said its not harmful. Its expensive though. I paid almost 300 bucks for it.. which makes decisions difficult.

Yesterday i started out with a shake in the morning. And let me tell ya.. it tastes HORRIBLE! I understand that its a DIET shake but theres a chemical after taste. I cant put my finger on it... but its gross and it goes RIGHT to my head. I am getting major headaches on this stuff. I had a shake for lunch and then i had a salad and a lean Cuisine for dinner. I would have enjoyed chicken more but it was already late.

Now... on the second shake i almost vomited. i was in a rush to finish it before work and i suppose the fact that its gross to me and the rushing didn't help... but i dealt with it and felt fine, though a bit sluggish, during the day. It wasn't till AFTER i eat real food that i felt ill. I got the sense of the taste stuck in my head and i almost vomited twice last night. It wasn't a good night at all. It worries me greatly because i spent so much money on this thing and i really wanted it to work like everyone else. I decided last night i couldn't do this anymore and that was that.

But now this morning... now that i'm feeling a lot better and the taste/sensation is out of my head for the time being... i think i'm going to continue on. If i barf... then i barf. I read on a few sites that headaches and vomiting are side effects that go away in a few days so i'll just have to have hope on that.

Tomorrow is my first cleaning day and maybe i'll be so hungry after the fact that i'll want tons of the stupid shake.

My Isagenix associate that i purchased it from said not to start putting fruit int he shakes for a while but i'm gonna have to disobey because i need to have another taste with it or i wont get through it.

The shakes are terrible but the Ionix Supreme is WORSE. Luckily you only have to have 2 oz. of it a day. I haven't even tasted the Cleanse stuff yet... lord help me. Today i want to go for a nice long bike ride or to the Gym to work out... Tomorrow for my Cleanse day i'll maybe catch a movie. Relax. I'm glad i have the week off when i first tried this. If i were dealing with it at work this might be scarier!

Well... i'm off to go start day 2. this should be interesting. Till later



"Their Leggings!!!"

I'm soo excited! DARIA ON DVD!!!! Finally! Now they need to work on putting Salute your Shorts on DVD.. i cant believe they don't! So stupid!


Crazy people!!!

Just got back a little while ago from an emergency Nail stop... i ripped half of my nail off at the barn and my poor wittle sad nail underneath was screaming for help! So i ran from the barn to walmart to fix the disaster!

while i was there i encountered two woman getting pedicures... and the one lady was acting like a complete fool and yelling at the woman doing her feet saying she was hurting her.. I wanted to be like "Look lady... suck it up! Pain is Beauty!" lol

But i mean when they scrape at your feet it DOES hurt a bit! But she was making a huge mountain out of a bitty molehill... Making painful facial expressions and running her mouth... finally she yells at the lady again and pretty much walks out leaving her friend.

i looked at the guy doing my nails and we were shaking our heads... THEN she came back to have her feet finished by another girl!!!

So sad...

People suck! But my nails look great! Pink for valentines day!

I was on the news!!!!

Talking about the Travers! They filmed it Thursday but i just found it now.. AFTER the running of the Travers lol oops..

I'm at the end.. I picked Summer bird because of Kent! My friend Tracy picked Kensei!
Good times

The embed wont work for some reason so click here

Then on the right hand side under Local Sports Video click on FOX23 Sports Presents The Travers Special Part IV


Some fun!

been a while and i'm sure everyones seen these already but... Man oh man they make me laugh!

Awesome Jensen Vid!

Supernatural season 4 Gag reel! I Like!

Night all.. went to the American Idol concert tonight... starting to be a tradition going with my mama.. Matt was my favorite of the night!

And now its time for sleepies!

"The Monks on the Mushroom!"

I'm upset....

Very upset...

And i sobbed like a little girl!

Why? because of the freakin BBC's Robin Hood!

Three whole years i watched this show! And this is how it ends... I cant even tell you all because it didn't even AIR in america! so.. whatever...

Stupid show and the stupid emotions it brings out in me!

I will miss it!


So... I'm sick... Weeee... Don't know how or when or where i caught it but i have a nice head codl.. actually i'm also Achey.. prolly the Swine Flu..

No .. not funny

I left work a bit early today and called in to the barn today and tomorrow... maybe even sunday. i need rest to get rid of this nonsense.. I've been stressed out.. hardly getting a lick of sleep and running around like crazy the past... hell.. all year but its been particularly crazy lately.

I'm not only physically tired but mentally i'm spent.

Well my meds are gonna kick in here any second... so... like i said i would... Posting another Michael Jackson video

"Who is it" is one of my absolute favorites.. its different and dark. And its so totally overlooked...

Thought the video was cool too.. him over the years... so... yea..

My dress fitting for the wedding is tomorrow.. lets hope that the 25 pounds i lost makes a difference.